Junior Club Membership 2016/17.

August 21, 2016 · Filed in News

Junior Club Membership 2016/17.

The 2016/17 season starts on the 1st September when player membership will be due .

New members :

If you are a new player attending the club for the first time the first session is absolutely FREE of charge . The next two sessions are £3.00 per session but after the THIRD session there is a small membership fee which is payable to become a club member ( costs listed below ) and runs from September to August of each year . After becoming a club member the training session costs are £3.00 per session .

Session fees for Club members :

Under 10’s ( school year 5 and below )  mixed – £ 3.00 per session.

Under 12’s ( school year 6 & 7  ) mixed -  £ 3.00 per session.

Under 14’s ( school year 8 & 9 ) mixed -  £ 3.00 per session .

Under 16’s ( school year 10 & 11) mixed – £ 3.00 per session.

Under 18’s ( school year 12 & 13) mixed – £ 3.00 per session.

Club Membership fees :

The club has a small membership fee as listed below which runs from September to August of each year and is to be paid before a player attends the club for the third time :

£12.00  for the under 10’s ( school year 5 and below )  .

£15.00  for the under 12’s ( school year 6 & 7  ).

£18.00 for the under 14’s ( School Year 8 & 9 )  .

£21.00 for the under 16’s ( School year 10 & 11 ) .

£23.00 for the under 18’s ( School year 12 & 13 ).

The membership fee is for the player to be registered with England Basketball and for players in school year 7 and above this also includes membership to New House Sports and Youth Centre .The remaining part of the administration fee goes to New House Basketball Club . 

Arrangements should be made for your child to travel to and from training sessions and matches. We appreciate if players can arrive and are collected promptly. If you are going to be late picking your child up, please contact the coach or coordinator and let them know.

Members must wear suitable kit  of soft-soled training shoes , socks , shorts and sports top . No jewellery must be worn during training or games  .

Competition fees vary according to the competition and the purchase of a club kit is necessary to participate in league competitions but is not necessary for training .

For the safety of your child it is important that the club is informed of any medical condition or allergies that may be relevant should your child fall ill or be involved in an accident while at the club.